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Programa de Reconstrução Capilar

Frizz is one of the most feared capillary villains of women. As much as the weapons to fight it are many, sometimes they insist on appearing and there is not a woman who has not had the experience of spending the day with the creepy strands. Frizz can appear for a variety of reasons: excessive drier and iron, lack of hydration and even weather can help to leave static wires. This occurs when the external aggression opens the cuticles of the hair fiber and compromises the structure of the wire, which is unformed and rebellious.

Inaê Cavalcanti Marcondes Machado, a medical dermatologist who specializes in hair therapy, explains that frizz is the repulsion between one wire and another, which generates a small natural electric charge that can be seen with the naked eye: it is the creepy wires. She warned that although natural, the effect can be aggravated: “when frizz occurs in excess, it can be the result of shampoos with a lot of bad chemistry, and in the most severe cases, by using chemical procedures that definitely change the connections Molecules, such as hair straighteners, “he explained.


HYDRATION PREVENTS THE APPEARANCE OF FRIZZTo avoid frizz, you need to keep your hair hydrated because the hair fiber acts like a sponge. If it is dry, try to absorb the humidity of the environment and the result is the famous creepy hairs. To prevent this from happening, in addition to moisturizing, it is also important to avoid exposing the locks to excessive heat from tumblers and dryers.If you are the type that does not live without a brush, choose a thermoset that will form a protective film on the wires, as dermatologist Alessandra Haddad explains: “It is essential to use a thermal protector on the wires before the dryer or flat iron, as heat Another factor that can interfere with the treatment is not to use products that contain alcohol and alkaline pH, “he taught.For those with white hair, hydration and care should be even greater, as the grays are thicker and lack the emollience that ensures softness and prevents the hair from creeping. The frizz also happen by choosing your brush. Invest in wood combs that do not produce static electricity and prevent wires from standing, unlike metal and plastic brushes.PRODUCTS AND TREATMENTS HELP FINISH WITH FRIZZIf the rebellious junkies are still set on appearing, it’s time to choose an arsenal of products that match the effect. Have appropriate leave-ins for your hair type: lighter for fine or modellers for curls. Abuse of the combing milks to straighten the locks throughout the day. Cutting edge repairers can also be used in length, but with care, because excess can leave the wires opaque and lifeless.Inaê Cavalcanti explains that it is important to take care that frizz does not worsen and cause other damage to the hair fiber: “Intense frizz is already a sign of severe damage and should be considered an aesthetic emergency of the hair, treated with deep moisturizing to retard the Breaking of the threads and the appearance of double ends “.In addition to daily care, hairdresser Dilma Baptista teaches that it is important to make mass replacements to make hair healthy: “it is important to invest in treatments such as nanoqueratinization, which can improve the cuticles by up to 80% in the first application. Good for those who suffer from frizz and like smooth yarns is to try out progressive brushes like London, which discipline and seal the yarn for a few months, “he said.

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